Pan-Pot ou modérément chantant

Rythmic and graphic variations for three jugglers and a pianist

An exploration of the intimate ties between musical composition and the art of juggling, Pan-Pot ou modérément chantant spans the piano repertoire from Jean-Sebastien Bach to contemporary composers such as Ligeti or Kagel.
Pan-pot ou modérément chantant ? An inner space for sublime solitude and casual connections.
The juggler disappears behind the snappy, rhythmic, aerial trajectories of the balls which ara as tight as the strings on a violin, leading us to discover a truly unique world of powerful musical and graphic perceptions.

Style and theatricality

“To create a juggling style and a theatricality that are unique, we present this work focused on the body, with the object as a starting point for our scenic exploration to reach the essential. In other words, a theatrical and bodily truth, a refusal of simple representation or description.

Style : we recognize a style by two essential things. First, a treatment is applied to the language being used and then this treatment is pushed to the full extent of its possibilities, twisting the words and gestures so that there is only one music left, a little gripping, relentless ritornello.

Theartricality : Theater allows us to see man at a given moment. Our dramaturgy is limited to actions ; the actor / juggler engages with gestures and tosses / catches, in a state of absolute simplicity, creating a theatricality which is free from “psychologizing” or illustration.”


Written and directed by : Nicolas Mathis, Denis Fargeton, Julien Clément
Performers : Nicolas Mathis, Denis Fargeton, Julien Clément
Pianist : Ursula Alvarez-Heredia
Artistic collaborator Simon Carrot
Lighting design : Arno Veyrat
Technical director and stage management : François Dareys
Visual artist : Aude Poirot

Our juggling

“All of our current work consists in extracting, characterizing, and developping rules and constants that govern the perceptions produced by the course of a ball in a given space ; the concept around which all these perceptions are organized being the fixed point, the perceived immobility of the object at the top of its trajectory, which alone seems to create the unique expressiveness of the juggling, in the same manner that the tonal quality makes a music unique.

Any contemporary approach tends to bring its medium closer to what it alone can do. This is the direction that we are taking ; reducing the subject as much as possible, until it almost becomes a still life, letting nothing distract attention from the essential, which is the juggling. We want the power of our compositions without a subject to lie in the strength of their style, rejecting all picturesque seductions, representation, or narration. With this humility, we hope that everything will be instantly clear. “

Teaser Pan-pot ou modérément chantant

Creation : 2009

Duration : 1h

Images - Pan-pot ou modérément chantant

© Philippe Cibille

Production : Collectif Petit Travers
Co-producers : les Subsistances, International Creative Laboratory in Lyon / L’Arche, a Registered National Theatre in Bethoncourt / Théâtre Gérard Philippe, a Registered National Theatre in Frouard/ Les Pronomades, National Centre for the Arts of Haute-Garonne/ les Migrateurs, in partnership with le Maillon, the european scene of Strasbourg
Artistic residences : CirCa, National Circus Arts Centre in Auch/ Théâtre de l’espace, scène nationale de Besançon / Ramdam in Sainte Foy-Lès-Lyon / l’Espace Périphérique in Paris
Supported by funding for the circus arts from the General Directorate of Artistic Creation, Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Midi-Pyrénées / City of Toulouse / BNP Paribas Foundation
Special Jury Prize, International Circus Festival, Grugliasco (Italy) e-in 2008.

Press review

  • This flight by the Collectif Petit Travers, a company of young jugglers and musicians, is like a luminous fugue in which the profusion of balls echoes the sincerity of the notes. As a young woman imperturbably churns out her notes on the piano, three young men take on a downpour of balls without wavering… a light, fluid piece, whose title is perhaps a veiled homage to pianist Glenn Gould.

    TÉLÉRAMA 03•12•2010
  • This a truly magical production ; humorous, aesthetically beautiful, and undeniably virtuoso. […] With a formal, old-fashioned elegance, a bit of mime and sometimes clowns, like characters from silent films, Julien, Denis and Nicolas have created a stunning, fascinating work.

    LA DÉPÈCHE DU MIDI 25•10•2009
  • We can imagine that the balls firing about before us on the stage pass through us with the sole objective of bouncing our trivial personal dramas back on the stage – our rebellions, our stammers, our falls, and our suspensions. […] This show is so subtle and intelligent that trying to describe it is a bit like biting into an apple whitout looking at it. Enter into it as if on a moonlit date, as transfixed lover, your eyes raised towards the sky of the jugglers.

    LE MONDE 11•07•2016