Short piece for a juggler

Throughout his practice and his numerous artistic encounters, Rémi Darbois has developed a multi-faceted juggling style which is steeped in burlesque theatricality.
In Fragments, he uses a simple door as a scenic device to structure the timing of the performance. Denis Fargeton is the perfect foil to his cues, articulating and dismantling Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin.

Creation October 2018 at Théâtre du Vellein

Creation and performance : Rémi Darbois
Stage manager : Thibault Thelleire
Scenography : Thibault Thelleire and Olivier Filipucci
Musical arrangements : Denis Fargeton
With the complicity of Julien Clément, Yann Frisch, Nicolas Mathis, Pierre Pollet

Pictures - Fragments

© Géraldine Aresteanu