Nicolas first trained at the Cirque Plume school as a child before devoting himself to university studies in mathematics and philosophy. He joined the Lido creation studio, a circus arts training centre in Toulouse in 2001 and created Le Petit Travers with Denis Fargeton.  In 2004, he co-founded the Collectif Petit Travers during the creation of Le parti pris des choses, which won the European Young Circus Talents Award that same year. Since 2011, he has co-managed the company with Julien Clément. He is co-author of : Le Petit Travers, Le Parti pris des choses, Pan-pot ou modérément chantant, Les Beaux Orages qui nous étaient promis, Les Moissons, NUIT, Dans les plis du paysage, Ornements and Encore la vie. He collaborated in the staging of S’assurer de ses propres murmures.