Bastien has been juggling since the age of 13. The curves, the lines, the rhythm, and the visual universe immediately made sense to him. His practice in the discipline has been constantly enriched by his sensitivity to movement and his aesthetic awareness. He trained at the “Imhotep” Circus School near Bordeaux and took his first steps on the stage in the School’s troupe. Numerous encounters during “juggling conventions” of “Masterclasses” have strongly inspired and guided him in his artistic career, notably with artists such as Stephan Sing, Guillaume Martinet, Maksim Komaro… He works in various multidisciplinary companies (Compagnie Idéosphère, Cirque en scène, Compagnie Ezec le Floch…) while intervening for professional training courses at the Bordeaux circus school on a regular basis or in short training courses. He is performer in Encore la vie.