Les beaux orages qui nous étaient promis

Piece for seven jugglers
Original musical score by Pierre Jodlowski

The Collectif Petit Travers began its exploration of the relationship of juggling to the piano repertoire (from Bach to Ligeti) in Pan-Pot ou modérément chantant. With this new show, the Collectif has reached out to modern music composer Pierre Jodlowski to continue to forge solid links with musical thought.

Directed by Julien Clément and Nicolas Mathis, Les Beaux Orages qui nous étaient promis brings seven jugglers to the stage : more performers, enriching their composition principles, their constantly reinvented relationship to time, their absolute faith in sound and movement and in the resolute clarity of the moment.

This show is a thousand leagues from formal acting an the entrapments of virtuosity for its own sake. With rigorous choreographic and rhythmic writing, we have invented a powerful theater of pure action, force and intensities – bu juggling and for juggling. Here, above all, the jugglers play with the audience and from the audience’s point of view.


The theatricality of a circus actor :
How can we set out our acts so that our viewers are free in their thoughts and feelings? We orient this exchange towards the discovery of several modes that come together, several possibilities of existing, between the characters on the one hand, and the structures and characters on the other hand.
We discover all the dimensions of rhythm – its joyful and regulated absurdity, its healthy or somewhat restricting authority.
We discover chracters that are cogs in the machinery, socially responsible dancers, actors who are vectors of change. The palette extends from the incarnation to the disappearance of the actor. Poetry of tension and poetry of relaxation are intertwined – the power of the force of the stage.

Trailer - Les beaux orages qui nous étaient promis

Creation : 2013

Duration : 1 heure

Images - Les beaux orages qui nous étaient promis

© Moa Karlberg

Press review

  • “Music first and foremost ! Choose your measure of odd not even, Let it melt in the air of heaven, Pose not, poise not but rise and fall” wrote Verlaine in his Art poétique. Undoubtedly the compositions of the Collectif Petit Travers are women like this, the melody of the gestures and the balls dialogue with the rhythmic lines of the music. After Pan-pot,  which explored the relationship of juggling to the piano repertoire, from Bach to Ligeti, Les beaux orages qui nous étaient promis unfolds on a score commissioned from Pierre Jodlowski. (…) Playing with forces, trajectories, rhythms and intensities, the seven jugglers draw a choreography of extreme precision, alternating chorus and counterpoint. (…) The title alone, borrowed from a poem by Guy Goffette, murmurs images that whisper like promises.

    La TERRASSE 13•07•2013
  • We discovered Pan-pot in 2009, at the Avignon Off Festival. Six years later, all the images are still with us. (…) Because in thirteen years of activity, the Collectif Petit Travers has mastered the art of designing mesmeric scenes (their light creations are always splendid), scenes that pervade the viewer. A precise search for the plastically beautiful, which is not an end in itself. The Collectif Petit Travers also delivers a subtle reflection on the individual and the collective in its creations : if each artist can shine individually with his or her technique, nothing is stronger than an ensemble advancing hand in hand. Poetric, therefore, and above all political.

    LE PETIT BULLETIN 04•05•2016